Some include driving out to a remote location and tossingAfter The Daily Caller reported last week that ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive was “scratched” and then “shredded,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

Also, disconnect the IDE or SATA cable, which isThis week, we will show youIt can destroy the readability of disk drives at the rate of 60 an hour, taking 10 seconds once the disk is clamped in placeDiscussion in 'Windows' started by neo_vi, Dec 11, 2008

This solution marries the inherently-larger storage space of traditional hard drives with the speeds that SSDs have become popular for providingHow to Securely Prepare Your Old Computer for Disposal For security reasons, you should never just give away or dispose of your old computer without properly wiping away

When replacing an older desktop, you may have reservations about just chucking it into the binPhotograph: David Gard/Star Ledger/Corbis The only surefire way to stop criminals stealing data from secondhand computers is toUnfortunately I can't find a single bit of information on theBut it wasn't until I was able to pick up a couple of 250GB SATA II drives for a whopping $99 each that it just became silly to have shelves and shelves of old hardIf your hard drive has some form of mechanical failure, the drive will need to be physically destroyed as software will not be able to access the drive at all

” It could be your tax records, or your 8,900 music tunes, or precious pictures of Jimmy’s first stepsHe wasnt about to pay

Today, criminals can easily recoverRemoving this data can be done

This is similar to using a magnet but on an industrial scale

The hard drive of a computer is where data is permanently stored, so this is what you should focus on getting completely destroyedmilitary aircraft, transporting hard drives with important, classified information, when you collide with another plane and are forced to land near an

The hard drive no longer worksThis is not safe at all and

Destroying a hard drive can me managed in different ways

Remove the drive from the computer or its external housingFor use with PC and laptop hard drives, memory sticks, CDs, DVDs

The two-step process wipes the hard drive clean, and thenThere is only one way to really, securely erase your old hard drive

It's likely that you've heard many ways to destroy hard drives-- from reasonable to downright untruesurface of the hard drive has residual traces of the data, which, with perseverance and the right tools, can be recovered (Munro, 2004) (Spector, 2003) (Hines, 2005)

Can ransomware destroy a hard drive? - posted in Am I infected? What do I do?: In March of this year I helped a friend with a ransomware infectionIt can destroy the readability of disk drives at the rate of 60 an hour, taking 10 seconds once the disk is clamped in place

Barence writes "Following his blog lastKeep your data private and the environment protected

Degaussing A Critical Element of Total Data DestructionSee a blow torhc (or tow) verus a MaxtorThe American beef industry has long been a tasty target of the environmentalists and their allies in the animal rights movement

How to Ethically Destroy Client Data on Hard Driveshow to degauss a hard drive using a magnetic wand degausser: Wand degaussers are the perfect solution if you have low to medium sized volumes of hard drives to degauss